Side-Tracked, Bought Off, Hoodwinked, and Bamboozled: What is the State of Blacks Today?

So, there has been a lot in the media lately about our hero, Nat Turner, and his “insurrection/revolt/ rebellion/revolution.” And with the release of the 2016 film, “Birth of a Nation,” any discussion of Nat Turner has become a virtual landmine of political correctness.

For instance, the Chicago Tribune recently produced an article stating a skull that is supposedly the skull of Nat Turner was given to former Gary, Indiana mayor Richard Hatcher for his proposed National Civil Rights museum in Gary. The skull was given to Hatcher 13 years ago, and he presented it to two of Nat Turner’s descendants on October7th, 2016 at a private National Civil Rights Hall of Fame luncheon.

Following the trail of possession of Nat Turner’s skull, we know that after Turner was hanged he was decapitated, and his head was rumored to have been taken to a university laboratory in Chicago...probably to “study” to find the brain “abnormality” that would cause Blacks to want to seek their freedom.

After all, it was only 20 short years later that U.S. physician Dr. Samuel A. Cartwright “identified” the dreaded Black disease “drapetomania,” which he claimed was what caused Blacks to want to run away from their masters.

This idea, along with other “Negro illnesses” he “discovered,” such as “dysaesthesia aethiopica” (the desire of Blacks to destroy their masters’ property) and “negritude” (the “lazy” attitude of Blacks which kept them from working as hard as their masters wanted), were widely” “believed at the time.

Were they “discovered” by doctors examining the brain and skull of the late Nat Turner in their laboratories? Was Nat Turner’s skull slightly larger or smaller than the “average” Black person’s of the time, thereby leading to wild and crazy theories? Were there more convolutions in the frontal lobe of his brain, thereby causing him to imagine himself and other Blacks free?”

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Side-Tracked, Bought Off, Hoodwinked, and Bamboozled: What is the State of Blacks Today?

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